A Visit From J:COM: A Day of Arts & Crafts

J:COM is a Japanese cable television company that provides multiple media services. A couple weeks back, they approached us with the idea of a possible collaboration, where Treehouse students would create stickers that would go on J:COM's travelling marketing van.

On June 15th, we invited the J:COM team, who was headed by Mr. Sugimura and artist Mr. Rocco and his assistant Mr. Monji. Parents were invited to join in on the fun. Together, we created various shapes and objects that we then stuck onto J:COM's van. The stickers turned out fabulous. Some of the children were even interviewed by J:COM's local channel. 

Thank you to J:COM for the wonderful opportunity and for the parents' help on an extremely busy day. Let's hope the van travels through all of Japan so that many people can see the stickers the children made!