Welcome to the New Website

As we enter our 15th year at school, I recall what my mentor told me once:

 "Jenny, you've got to keep on moving... don't stop... inspire the little people around you. Follow them and be hopeless and helpless in front of them... they will inspire you more."
Jenny Vyvial - Head of School

Jenny Vyvial - Head of School

I am very pleased to see where we stand now with so many happy faces I see every single day. The children give me energy to keep improving the school with different ideas and exciting things to do.  Keeping them happy and to see them grow at my school is my dream... I love my children. 

In this spirit of freshness and rejuvenation, the school is introducing this new website and a fresh new look to mark a new beginning in its 15th year. The children are growing and so are we.

I'm happy to celebrate this new beginning with you!